Friday, 30 October 2015

Time and Times Square

It's half term and eventually I've found time to write a blog post.  Life has been pretty busy as I'm doing more hours at school because my colleague is on maternity leave. I'm doing more A level teaching and that takes a lot of preparation. Don't mind really as I'm quite enjoying the teaching but some things neglected - housework mostly and, unfortunately, the blog.

But now it's half term and I'm in NewYork, staying not far from Times Square.  We're here: me, my sister and daughter Kate to celebrate her 16th birthday which was on Tuesday.  I'm writing this on the iPad and she's still dozing beside me and getting grumpy as I'm waking her up.  Outside I can hear the sound of the city, sirens and horns and the general non-stop buzz of the place. Times Square itself is incredible - a bit overwhelming actually with all the skyscrapers and crowds and flashing billboards.  I'm m happier when we escape the crowds and go to the park.  On Tuesday, it rained and Central Park was quiet so we enjoyed a damp walk round there.  And today we're going to walk The High Line which is an disused overhead freight train line now converted into a garden. And then do some more shopping....which is what the birthday girl likes best. No photos now as haven't uploaded but will try to find time to do this when we get back.