Saturday, 31 August 2013

Like a butterfly...

More butterflies.  In my last post at the end of July I was thrilled to have spotted one solitary peacock butterfly.  So it made my heart sing to find this buddleia bush covered with dozens of peacocks and tortoiseshells in the back car park of the school where I work a couple of weeks ago.  (I'd gone in to pick up results - holidays coming to an end.)  I will definitely have to plant my own butterfly bush: it certainly deserves the name.   Not great photos - my ancient Blackberry really not up to the job.

I've been wondering as I come back to blogging about my affinity for butterflies. Perhaps it's because, like butterflies, I flit about from one thing to another never staying still for long but enjoying the moment. This can be a problem: things are left unfinished; I don't always focus: I do too many things at once.  So the garden which I was so enthusiastic about in spring is currently neglected, with pots unwatered and the veg plot empty now the lettuces have all gone.  And though I've made progress with the memoir (9,000 words at present) I didn't achieve my goal of 500 words a day in August.

Yet, like the butterflies, I'll come back again to the things I love and I've now accepted that this is how I am. So this is how the blog will be - like a butterfly, I will continue to flutter about from fashion to fiction, recording my family life and whatever else is currently absorbing me.

I'm also delighted to have acquired a couple of new followers.  Welcome - I hope you'll indulge my butterfly-like wanderings and keep reading.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Proud as a Peacock

A brief post as I've resolved to do 500 words of my memoir writing project every day in August and need to avoid distractions.  Pleased with myself as I have actually done this though have decided to leave weekend days out.

Did want to share this beautiful peacock butterfly I saw this morning on my dog walk route.  Counted butterflies and logged them on the Big Butterfly Count website.  My tally: 10 small white, 4 green veined whites, 6 gatekeepers and this one glorious peacock which posed perfectly for me.  

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blogging Break

Somewhat disillusioned with blogging so taking a break in August to pursue some other writing goals.  Will be back with a relaunch in September in an attempt to get some more (or any) readers.

Happy holidays!