Monday, 23 September 2013

Longing for the 'sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleeve of care'

4am and insomnia again.  At least this time I've taken the advice given in all the books and got up after half an hour of sleeplessness instead doing what I did this time last week: lying there making mental lists of things to do.  I'm drinking tea though, not milk or any of the other vile concoctions that are supposed to aid restful sleep.  And instead of writing this I should be doing something repetitive and boring until I feel tired again.  Like knitting.  But I haven't got the patience for knitting.  There's always the ironing.....

I've tried all the remedies for this middle of the night wake up which leaves me zombie-like and grumpy the next day.  I've had some success with herbal remedies - valerian, hops and passion flower tablets from Boots.  But last night's red wine probably spoiled their effect.   Could try the Paul McKenna hypnosis tape, I suppose.  (You will follow the rules of sleep....). Hasn't worked for me as I don't follow the rules.  No wine, no tea, no reading in bed - no fun.

One remedy that does work is Nytol - not the herbal one,  the one you have to ask for at the pharmacy which is basically anti-histamine.  The full dose of two tablets taken at bedtime does the trick.  But then I wake up with a dry mouth feeling dreadful even after a full night's sleep.   Even half a tablet  works.  Or a Piriton has the same effect.

I used to worry about not sleeping but recently have learned to live with it.  More time for reading and middle of the night blogging.  Off to bed to try some alternate nostril breathing now.  Or other yoga relaxation techniques.  More nonsense which doesn't work.  Only an hour or so left before teenager starts banging around anyway.  Takes her two hours to get ready for school.  Madness.  Like Macbeth I'll probably 'sleep no more' tonight.  My 'ravell'd sleeve' will remain unknitted.

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