Saturday, 17 May 2014

Blogging Milestone: Post number 100 - in the garden

I've been neglecting the blog recently and so it's taken a while to reach Post 100 - I'd originally expected to reach this milestone during the Easter school holiday break.   I was also a little fed up when the teenager recently read a few posts and said they sounded 'cheesy'.  Perhaps she's right, but I'll keep going anyway even if it's just a weekly roundup read by a few loyal followers.

I've also spend a lot of time in the garden recently and I'm quite pleased with the results so thought I'd share a few photos.  The previous owner of our house had the garden landscaped so there are a lot of shrubs and rather too many conifers and Leylandii hedges to be kept under control.  But there are some attractive features too.  I like the Japanese maple tree with the clematis scrambling through it.  The clematis will have to be cut back, though, when it finishes flowering before it strangles the tree.  It's a bit of a brute.  I prefer the more delicate one pictured below but, in a bout of overzealous pruning last year, I seem to have practically wiped this one out.

I've dug out a little bed to grow a few fruit bushes and some lettuces.  So far I haven't had much success with the blackcurrants or raspberries.  Probably something to do with the quality of the soil or the amount of sun they get - I'm no expert.  They are looking a bit healthier this year though so perhaps with produce some fruit.  The lettuces are doing well, I have some spinach growing in pots and a few herbs.  Both my father and especially my grandfather were keen gardeners and I'm trying to keep the tradition going.   I have lovely childhood memories of picking raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants at Granny and Granda's house.  Of course both Daddy and Granda had access to a 'dunghill', which was used liberally to improve soil, and scatter around flowerbeds etc.  That's probably the key to success.  Perhaps I should take a bucket and spade and collect cowpats from the field across the road where the cows are now out grazing.


  1. There is nothing cheesy in your writing! I for one enjoy visiting. Teenagers are just weird. I bet yours is secretly proud and tells her friends about her blogging mum. We've not had any luck with raspberries either, I am not sure why because redcurrant and blueberries are just fine. I like your mature garden. Conifers and Leylandii seem preferable to the breeze blocks the previous owners of our house loved so much! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  2. Cheesy? Cheesy? Nothing cheesy about your posts at all :o)! Happy 100th post! Your garden looks delicious! We inherited one that was overrun in weeds, but we did inherit a lovely clematis on one of our walls - I'm a bit of a fan! X

  3. Your garden is lovely and I'm impressed with your kitchen plot. Congrats on your 100th post looking forward to more

  4. You should never listen to teenagers! Congratulations on your 100th post. Your garden looks lovely.