Saturday, 2 January 2016

Look to the future's only just begun

These words from Slade's 1973 Christmas song, which is played endlessly every year, always catch my attention. So I'm going to take Noddy Holder's advice and will 'look to the future'.  This doesn't mean that I'll totally stop writing nostalgic posts about memories like my last one; I'm just going to live for now and leave behind things that hold me back or haven't worked for me. This is what is going:

1. Attempting to live a minimalist/waste free lifestyle
Inspired by Claire from Just a little Less, I have tried in the last two years to change my lifestyle and buy only what I need.  This has not worked and causes stress at home because I haven't been able to convince the rest of the household to do the same.  I tried: bought my husband a copy of Stuffocation: Living more with Less for his birthday.  He hasn't read it: I have.  And he continues to buy endless gadgets, cycling gear, musical instruments..  I am now learning to accept this rather than getting annoyed.  And I enjoy shopping for clothes with my daughter (for the first couple of hours anyway) so I'm not going to feel guilty about treating myself to the occasional frivolous purchase.

2. Extreme decluttering
Bought the Marie Kondo book 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' and tried her method (Do you need/love this item?  If not bin it!)   I gave a really warm comfy, good quality Celtic Collection grey wool cardigan to the charity shop.  More fool me, as I want it now.  Our house is still relatively untidy.  This doesn't matter much.

3. Excessive Worry about Work
I've been working a lot more this year and have surprised myself as I've coped well, not getting as stressed as I have done in the past. It's getting older I reckon: I don't worry so much about what others think about me.

And looking to the future...  

Well I'm going to do the conventional New Year thing and improve my fitness.  I've been inspired by another self-help book, a Christmas present from my sister who has recently discovered yoga and has an inspirational teacher, Nicola Jane Hobbs.  She has just published this book - it features my sister's friend Carol, who is my age, as one of the success stories. (Regular readers of this blog may note that I've said before I'm giving up self-help books.  This one is different - I didn't buy it myself..)

 I've let my exercise habit slip since the summer when I was hitting my activity goal every day according to my Polar Loop monitor.  Davina Fit in 15 minutes hasn't been working for me recently as my knees aren't up to the jumping involved. The Yoga Gym is a good alternative and combined with regular dog-walking should help me feel better and maintain flexibility.  I'll track my progress on here.

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. You are right to give up things that only cause stress. It is more important to enjoy your life and do what it takes to keep it enjoyable. I am all for not wasting food, clothes, money etc but I don't want to go about it with a near religious fervour. I, too have given away things that I now miss in a quest to declutter my house. Oh and bike parts and bike associated stuff, we could fill a garage with it. In fact, Richard HAS filled a garage with it....
    Yoga is a great way to stay in shape. I had a fantastic teacher, 70 year old man wearing baggy t-shirts with wolves on... he was just the best. I have given it up when all got too much and I still regret it. Maybe this year. Are you going to take a class?
    All the best in the new year! I look forward to reading all about it on this blog that I so enjoy. x

    1. I've been struggling to find a class at a time that suits me locally but I'll have a look. I might need a bit of advice on posture etc.

  2. Getting rid of stressful things is a good idea. As I get older I worry less about others, so I hope that will perhaps turn around for you and be the case too, try, if you can, not to let others define you, or what you think that others think of you define you. You are great just as you are! Happy New Year! xx

  3. Good post Doris, it can be very stressful trying to achieve these things if everyone isn't on board, and the whole point is to make your life less stressful. I'm afraid my sock drawer is never going to be tidy or colour co-ordinated and I don't give a fig :)

  4. Well done on letting go, and good luck in 2016!

  5. Hey Doris,
    I used to have those mad fits of de-cluttering, and would give away loads of 'unwanted' clothes, only to discover that I actually wanted them. I remember one rather beautiful Boden skirt that I gave to my neighbour; I used to watch her sashay down the road in it, and seethe!
    Leanne xx

  6. Happy new year. I am still trying to declutter but largely because I live in a small flat. I suffer from serious shed envy when I visit my sisters in Ireland. Good luck with the yoga. I did a class for a few weeks before Christmas and found it much more challenging than I expected it to be. I did enjoy it though. Look forward to reading your blog in 2016.

  7. Good for you, Doris, for giving up what doesn't work for you. And feeling fitter has got to be a good thing. xx

  8. Happy New Year Doris. I hope your yoga goes well. I'm sure you're regretting giving away that cardigan! Of course, it just means you'll have to buy another one. I'm in the mood for clearing out/decluttering but nothing too drastic. I'm sure the feeling will wear off long before I've got rid of everything that should really go.