Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Skip in the snow before Christmas. Now, at last, it has gone.
Christmas is over for another year and, now the lovely lazy lull between Boxing Day and New Year has ended, I feel the need to get going with things again. I've been blogging now for five years - my first post was on New Year's Eve 2012 - though in the past year rather sporadically.  I'm keeping going but won't make any promises as life gets in the way. (Access to the laptop to write posts is limited too as Kate has requisitioned it for her history coursework which I've just had a sneaky look at: nearly 6000 words on Civil Rights in America. She'll have a job cutting that down to the acceptable word limit.)

Back in November I went to a blogging workshop run by blogger Simon Savidge.  It was interesting and he gave lots of good advice to anyone who wanted to start a blog and acquire readers: write a witty bio, prepare posts in advance, link to Instagram and Twitter etc.  All the things I don't do and I'm not going to start now.  I'm happy enough with the set up as it is and not that bothered if there aren't that many readers though I do love it when I get comments.

Our Christmas was peaceful and mainly spent preparing and eating lots of good food in our new kitchen.  This was a real pleasure after months of preparing meals on one single pot hob and a microwave.  I even enjoyed clearing up: it is bliss to have a dishwasher again. We had a very pleasant New Year's Eve meal with old friends.  Paul cooked, my contribution being a fairly successful Sticky Toffee Pudding.  As usual, I struggled to last until midnight and actually fell asleep for a bit, stretched out on the floor in front of the log burner watching Jules Holland, but woke to greet the New Year watching the fireworks in London on TV.

The chef at work on his new island

Ronan the dog likes the underfloor heating and has now stopped peeing in the new kitchen.

I've got a view over the garden so I can watch the birds again

It's all looking a bit showhouse at present.  Soon we'll add our personal touch - general mess and clutter. I chose a Belfast sink like we.had when I was a child. And because of the name.  

I love the roof lantern though I had to lean out of the upstairs window with a mop to remove the bird poo on it.

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  1. Your new kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I remember feeling similarly happy last year, when we had use of a fully functional kitchen again. Love the Belfast sink (we have one, too). You have a fantastic new space to live, cook and work in. I wish you a wonderful new year! x