Sunday, 13 May 2018

More Matter for a May mornng

It's beautiful quiet May morning so time for a quick catch up.  What have I been doing?

1. The garden. 
I've planted peas, lettuce and rocket and leeks in my raised bed.  Nothing is growing very fast - I think I might have planted when the soil was too cold or something.  The potatoes I planted in a plastic bag and old dustbin are doing well though.  I also am growing tomatoes in pots and these are flourishing mainly because I've kept them inside in my nice bright kitchen.

2. Some Family History research
This year in September it will be the 100th anniversary of the death of my grandfather's brother, Great-Uncle James Ferguson in WW1.  This has prompted me to try to find out a bit more about his life and what happened to him in the war.  I intend to put this together in a little book for the family.  I consulted a helpful Family History Buddy in the local library and she advised me to try  There I discovered that someone else in the US was working on the Ferguson family history: the great-grandson of James Ferguson's sister, Minnie who emigrated to Canada.  I contacted him and we have shared information.  I also have been in touch with another lady working on the family tree.  She is the grand-daughter of another of my grandfather's sisters, who I do remember - Aunt Annie.  All very fascinating for me but probably not you so I'll move on!

3. Work 
It's that time of year again when exams are near and stress levels increase - not just for students but also their teachers. My head is full of the texts I am teaching: the title of the post is from 'Twelfth Night'.  Another line from this play I like is 'This fellow is wise enough to play the fool'.  I've got a mug with this on which I bought in the Globe Theatre shop. 

I'm not saying this describes me though - I'm not wise at all. 

That used to be one of my dad's sayings in response to what he considered foolish actions - 'you're not wise'.  Anyway, I disgress.   I need to finish this and do some annotation of coursework and admin. for the exam board.  On a Sunday - this makes me cross.

 At the same time I am supporting Kate who is working very hard for her A levels with cups of tea, hugs on demand etc.  I can't really help her with her work as she doesn't really need me for the English and I know very little about her other subjects: she is often astounded by my ignorance of American politics, for example.  This week we attended an awards evening at her school. She got the prize for Government and Politics and was described as an exemplary student who was passionate about her subject.  We were very proud parents.


  1. Good luck to Kate. She sounds like a fine young woman. Sam has three exams left but seems to take it very easy... Your garden is looking good, lots of tasty veg to look forward too. Wishing you a good week x

  2. Hey Doris,
    Congratulations to Kate! Sam thinks I'm a dullard. He's probably right!
    Leanne xx