Wednesday, 9 October 2013

To Autumn - Seasons of mist....

Hasn't it been a glorious autumn?  Spent yesterday in the garden, raking leaves, doing a final pre-winter tidy up and enjoying the late sunshine.  And a long dog walk with a friend down a local road lined with old oak trees.  I've never seen so many acorns - and such large ones. And berries and glorious shiny conkers.  So instead of words (too weary) here are a few autumn images for the record.

This blog is turning into a kind of country diary - hard to believe I started writing about fashion in January. So it'd be Country Diary of a Poo Bag lady then as that's what I'm usually carrying on my walks.


  1. Lovely, lovely pictures. And after yesterday's very windy weather, I really need to tidy up my garden which is a total mess, hungover from summer. :o)

  2. Fabulous pictures!
    And yes, it has been a very very fecund autumn. I'm planning to gather in the rosehips - and to make some syrup...