Sunday, 27 October 2013

Blue skies in Barcelona

Half term and we escaped the autumn wind and rain for a couple of days, taking a short break in Barcelona. In summer, Spain is too hot for us Celtic types with our fair skin;  however autumn sun and temperatures of 22-25 degrees suited us fine.  So we enjoyed exploring La Rambla, the Old Town and the Port area. Didn't really do museums - teenager not keen - or see any of the Gaudi buildings.  But lots of eating tapas, exploring the markets and people-watching.  And a guitar music concert in a building which was decorated like a wedding cake.  Will let the pictures do the talking today.

The Square near our hotel: slightly dodgy area.  Husband lagging behind us with bad ankle was approached by lady offering him a good time!

Walked to the beach.   Teenager soaked her sore feet in the sea.

Colourful market stalls.  So many varieties of mushrooms.

The ornate ceiling of the concert hall.


  1. That looks like a lovely break.... I am missing those blue skies, and perfect temperatures. Shame you didn't get to see the Gaudi buildings. I hope your husband turned down her offer and limped quickly away! :o)

  2. We had a wonderful holiday in Barcelona a few years ago. Loved the Gaudi buildings - they were a bit hit with the teenager, but didn't get to see the beautiful concert hall.