Saturday, 25 January 2014

January Treats: tulips, bird-watching and Asda chocolate

It's not been a great week.  Miserable weather; work pressures and everyone sniping at each other at home as a result.  So have tried to cheer things up with a few treats:

Spring Flowers - love white tulips.

A new bird feeder. So this morning attempted the RSPB Garden Bird Watch while washing up.  Not a terribly accurate count as I wasn't writing it down or fully concentrating.  But I did spot lots of blue tits like this little chap which I managed to snap through glass; several great tits; a blackbird or two; some robins or maybe the same one revisiting his patch as I think they are territorial; some brownish ones which were probably sparrows and, to my delight, a pink and grey nuthatch, a rare visitor to the garden.  And of course lots of pigeons and big black crows or ravens or both who congregate on the trees at the back of the house and make a huge raucous racket.  But no pretty goldfinches like my dad always did on his peanut feeders in Ballyronan.

And last night had a lazy night in front of the fire with teenager watching television and eating M&S chinese takeaway.  Crispy duck and pancakes  - our favourite.  Watched Corrie which we both like and then attempted to show an interest in Celebrity Big Brother.  Fell asleep - don't recognise any of them except the Nolan sister (who was evicted and then booed at by the crowd - lovely)  and Jim Davidson. More food treats purchased today - some Asda organic dark chocolate. Not quite Green and Blacks but not bad.


  1. Yes, we need little treats to keep us going this time of year.
    Your garden visitors sound pretty similar to mine - no nuthatch though. I've often wondered about the count- how do you know you're not counting the same bird several times?
    Hope next week is easier for you.

    1. Refusing to let things get to me. Worked this morning and then went to see 'Frozen; this aft with teenager, Then finished library book with glass or two red wine. Got to be good to ourselves these days. See you've discovered Yvonne Watterson too. Great blog but reminds you that stuff happens