Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Year; Kate and the Big Boy Cousins

When Kate was younger one of our favourite books to read at bedtime was the 'Katie Morag Island Stories' by Mairi Hedderwick. So we were pleased to hear that a television adaptation of the books was being shown over Christmas on CBeebies.  It's great - the little girl playing Katie is very convincing and the Island of Struay looks just as it does in the books.  The two grannies are also portrayed perfectly.  Completely charming, just like 'Balamory' which we watched when she was small.  Programmes like these make me grateful we still have the BBC.

Our favourite story was this one, 'Katie Morag and the Big Big Boy Cousins', who visit the island and get in lots of trouble for playing Chickenelly - knocking on doors and running away.  We liked this one because Kate also had some big boy cousins who were equally naughty. And one was a redhead, just like Katie's cousins.  Here she is with them at Christmas 2004.

Today is the bigger boy cousin's 21st birthday.  Last week I returned to Northern Ireland for a few days to spend time with my sisters at Dad's house in Ballyronan, where this photo was taken.  We lit the fire; cooked a chicken with stuffing the way he did it and played Scrabble like we used to.  And on Saturday night we celebrated Cousin Dean's 21st birthday.  Now at university in Dundee, he's still fairly naughty:  he certainly enjoyed his party.  Before we went out he showed off his newly acquired skill at university and made me Strawberry Daquiri.  Happy Birthday Dean!


  1. I just caught up with a couple of episodes of Katie Morag I'd missed on iplayer with my after work cup of tea today! We love the books, and the TV series does them proud. Love the landscape, the music and I agree with you, the casting is just right. Although the outer Hebrides were very wet when I went there c1988, the programme has given my sister and me a yearning to go back! I love the photos of your real big boy nephews! Happy Birthday Dean!

    1. I didn't know there was a real Struay! Would love to visit there too. What's your favourite story? I like the one with the wedding.

    2. Struay is based on the Isle of Coll, but the TV series was filmed on Lewis. (so my sister tells me). Fave story has got to be Tiresome Ted for me! As a lifelong driftwood lover and beachcomber (when I get the chance) I love the idea of beachcombing for presents. Also love the story where the sheep has a makeover with Granny Mainland's beauty products.

  2. What a gorgeous necklace! Do let me know when you're next back - we should grab a coffee...or a strawberry daquiri! xx