Monday, 3 February 2014

An Inspector Calls

Saw this excellent production when it was touring about 5 years ago

I'm teaching J. B Priestley's famous play at present and it seemed particularly apt this week as an inspector did indeed call to my lessons.  Three times.  Banned from saying too much but thankfully seemed to have survived the experience with my self esteem intact. But it was a tough week- have been very grumpy with everyone at home and have spent this weekend making up for that.

Then, on Sunday morning, saw Michael Gove on 'The Andrew Marr Show'.  Now I usually avoid making personal remarks about people's appearance, but what planet is this man from?  He's got some great new ideas for improving school discipline: making badly behaved pupils write lines or pick up litter.  Never thought of that Michael!

He was also defending his decision to sack the current head of Ofsted.  She's a Labour peer, you see, though he said that wasn't the reason for his decision.   Next thing we know he'll be banning us from teaching 'An Inspector Calls' because Priestley was a Socialist.


  1. Glad to hear that you've survived the inspection. It really is a terrible strain, isn't it! We're due for one in the near future. I'm hoping we can get through to the end of the year, and then I'll be retired!
    Don't get me started on Gove! The man's a buffoon!

    1. I certainly hope that this will be my last inspection as they won't be back for a while!

  2. Oh - it must be very stressful having an inspector standing over you while you teach.
    Politicians always have their own angle and sadly it's not always for the good of their country.

  3. The stress before they arrive is worse really. Just glad it over and I can get back to normal. Normal today being big pile of neglected ironing!