Thursday, 20 February 2014

Snowdrops at Ness Gardens

Am breaking my usual no family photos rule today to celebrate an unexpectedly lovely day.  Husband's car playing up this morning so he took an unscheduled day off.  And it's half term for us this week.  So persuaded idle teenager and hobbling husband (still recovering from ankle op) to accompany me to Ness Gardens on the Wirral peninsula to see the snowdrops.   Bribed them with promise of cake - best Victoria Sponge ever in their cafe.  Weather mild and dry with occasional blinks of sunshine too so a real treat.

The snowdrops were glorious.  Rest of the family amused at how smiley I was because of this.  Teenager doesn't get my fascination with flowers and says I am turning into 'an old biddy'.  Charming!

For once she allowed me to take a picture of her, as long as it was far away.  Can't understand why she objects to photographs when she spends a lot of time on Snapchat, sending unedited and sometimes unflattering images of herself to her friends.  In fact it seems to be the thing to pull silly faces to convey various emotions on Snapchat, which has pretty much replaced Facebook for her.  Fascinating really, the way teenagers use social media. I'm sure there's material for a PhD on this, though the data would be out of date before it could be written up.  Anyway I digress...

Found a small patch of this interesting variety.  Like little white crowns - just beautiful.

Can't help thinking, though, that the snowdrops will be out in Dad's garden in Ballyronan and no one is there to see them this year.


  1. Look at that bed of snow drops.... so beautiful. Sounds like you had a lovely time amid very rare nice winter weather!

  2. Nice to meet you all- even if some of you are very small! My teen has a similar ban on photos but is too busy working on his portfolio to have time for any social media at the moment.
    I've never seen such a carpet of snowdrops, not surprised you were smiling.

  3. What kind of portfolio? Is he a keen photographer like you? He sounds very sensible anyhow.

  4. He's hoping to go to art college - we're going 'on tour' next month for portfolio assessment days and interviews. Sensible in some ways but not in others - like all teens I guess.