Thursday, 31 July 2014

Liebster Award Part 2

    So here I am again with the answers to Christina's questions and some questions and nominations of my own.

    What or who inspired you to start your blog?
    I read an article in a magazine about fashion blogger Beth Gooderham who writes Style Guile.  I checked out her blog and thought I'd start my own similar one.  I soon gave up writing about fashion, though I still enjoy reading her blog.

    Do you have any pet hates?
    Jeremy Kyle and the way he exploits unfortunate people for the entertainment of viewers.

    What magazine subscriptions do you have?
    None.  I used to have 'Woman and Home' but got fed up because it kept repeating the same things. Magazines are just advertising in disguise.

    Do you avoid walking under ladders or do you have any other superstitions?
    I'm not at all superstitious but not walking under ladders is just common sense, I reckon.

    Describe the art on your living room wall.
    There is a large canvas over the mantlepiece called 'Beauty in Breakdown' by a young artist called Joe Simpson, showing a couple embracing in a night-time city centre street scene.  People have said it looks like Leeds.  We also have a poster for a Magritte exhibition we went to at the Hayward Gallery in London in 1992 (!) which also, by coincidence, shows a man and woman kissing but their faces are obscured by cloths over their heads.  I'm not sure what these choices say about us...

    What was the last concert you went to?
    The last concert I went to was Eddy Reader which I blogged about here.  I really enjoyed it.

    If you could invite one well known person for dinner, who would it be and why?
    If Seamus Heaney were still alive, I would invite him because I love his poetry and he is also from the same area as me in Northern Ireland so we could share memories.

    What are you wearing just now?
    Pyjamas, a spotty dressing gown, bronze sequinned Fitflops with chipped silver nailpolish on toes.

    What type of holiday do you enjoy most?
    I like 'gite' holidays in France most.  I don't like hotel holidays as I like to get up and potter before everyone else and we enjoy having our own space.  Ideally it would be on the coast and in a little town with good restaurants and boulangerie within walking distance.  And not too hot - can't cope with high temperatures at all.

    What is the naughtiest thing you have done as a child?
    I was sickeningly well behaved until I was about 14 and it was my younger sister who was the naughty one so I can't really think of one incident.  As a teenager I was a total nightmare, disappearing with unsuitable boys etc.

    Do you, or did you ever have a role model?  Who and why?
    My role model as a teenager was my cousin who was two years older than me.  I was always in awe of her as she went off to study in England at 18 and then got a job at the EU in Brussels.  She is still there.  It was because of her that I too decided to go to university in England rather than remain in Northern Ireland like most of my school friends.

    I'd like to nominate the following 4 bloggers.  Others who I might nominate have already participated so I can't make 11:

    Isabelle at Notes from Delft.  Isabelle is a fairly new blogger and writes beautifully about family life in the Netherlands.  Like me she is an English teacher.

    Mairead at As I Roved Out.  This a  really stylish blog with stunning photographs of Ireland.  Mairead doesn't post often but it's worth the wait.

    Gillian at Hookin' a Yarn.  A blogger from Northern Ireland who posts lovely pictures of things she makes and grows.

    Anne at ganching.  Another Northern Irish blogger. This is my favourite blog.  Anne writes in a very entertaining way about her life in London.

    My questions
    1. When do you write your blog posts and how long does it take you?
    2. Which television programme/s do you watch regularly?
    3. Describe the last meal you cooked.
    4. What is your favourite item of clothing?
    5. Your all time favourite book and why you have chosen it?
    6. Describe your usual sleep pattern - i.e time to bed up, how many hours, any middle of the night wake ups etc.
    7. Which line from a poem/book/play or famous speech appeals to you most?
    8. The city/town you have enjoyed visiting most?
    9. What is the last film you went to the cinema to watch?
    10. My current favourite nail polish colour is silver.  If you paint your nails, what colour do you usually choose?
    11. If you could award your own Oscar or Bafta to an actor/ tv performer, who would you choose and why?

    I was going to illustrate this post with a picture of my feet in Fitflops but it looked too revolting so I've added the Magritte instead.


    1. I loved reading this, Doris; and thank you so much for your kind words and nomination. I'm going to start work on it this weekend.

      1. I look forward to reading it - do feel free to ignore the nail varnish question. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that!

      2. Haha - I thought it was such an endearing question that I am adding a photo to the post that is related to it ;-)

    2. I am very fond of Magritte. There was a program about him on the telly recently. I can't remember what channel it was on. I was a very well behaved girl, too. Nothing wrong with that! But like you, my teenage years were a bit more eventful. Cx

      1. I didn't see that programme but I do like Magritte, especially the way he uses light.

    3. Thank you for the nomination. I really enjoyed reading your post.

    4. Doris, thank you for your compliments on my blog. Look forward to answering your questions.