Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter Weekend...

was spent in Northern Ireland with two of my sisters and their families.  We enjoyed catching up, eating chocolate, drinking wine and, for once, the sun came out for us.  We spent Easter Sunday in Dad's now empty house in Ballyronan.  It was very cold when we arrived, but we lit a fire and sister's practical husband persuaded the boiler to light.  I have a mixture of feelings returning: sadness, nostalgia and, this time, a kind of resignation to the inevitable passing of time and the need to let go. We know that we can't leave it empty forever but, for now, it's good to be able to return.  I cooked Sunday lunch and we took the children to play at the marina which was busy with daytrippers and people staying in the caravan park.

Here a few pictures from the weekend.

On Easter Saturday we were trapped in my sister's house in Dromore as the road was closed for the Circuit of Ireland Rally car race.  This entertained some members of the family, but not all of us. So we had an Easter Egg hunt for the children with clues like this around the garden.  My big girl joined in and had her own share of the chocolate.  I spent a large part of the day sitting in the sun reading, only mildly distracted by the roar of race. ('Nora Webster' by Colm Toibin - am planning a books post soon)

Ballyronan Marina on Easter Sunday.  We walked to the 'lighthouse', at the end of the pier and this is the view from there. There's no light, just a concrete tower, but it was always the walk I did with my mother.


  1. It's good to go back, and well done for knowing that times change. The race sounds interesting, but I might have gone for the chocolate instead (is there anything better than chocolate at a sunny Easter time?)

  2. Hey Doris,
    It sounds like a lovely weekend. I read in the sunshine too. There's nothing better.
    Leanne xx

  3. Nostalgic trip for you Doris, good to replenish the store of memories X

  4. Happy Easter Doris,

    You are a no reply blogger so I've popped over to answer your question on my blog post about FutureLearn courses......YES! really are free....!

    I realise it is so rare for something to be completely free these days which is why I thought it would be worth flagging it up. So if they have something that takes your fancy then I'd say crack on and give it a whirl.
    Best wishes

    1. Need to change those settings. Thanks for this - I have already checked it out and found two courses I am interested in. If only I had the time...

  5. My mum died almost four years ago and I still can't get used to going "home" and her not being there. To be honest it no longer feels like home. I'm glad you had a good time with your family.

  6. It sounds like a nice Easter break, Doris and I'd have chosen chocolate over the race too. I haven't read Nora Webster but I have read Brooklyn and thoroughly enjoyed that. xx

  7. Glad you had a good break and especially enjoyed our brief spell of warm weather.