Saturday, 6 June 2015

Five on Friday

This week I'm linking up with Amy again with five 'highlights' of our week.

1. Exams.
 Not exactly a highlight but a major preoccupation in our house at present. My daughter had her first GCSE paper in Biology yesterday afternoon.  She has been working really hard for it so was a bit disappointed that a lot of the things she revised didn't come up and she found it quite tough.  I remember that feeling so well; other people talking about the questions afterwards and the anxiety that caused.  She's ok though - went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with a friend to take her mind off it all. But it's back to revision today.
And it was the English Language paper this week for my Year 11 students.  For one of their Writing Tasks they had to write a blog post about a favourite place.  I'm a bit worried that some may have written too informally for this task.  But time will tell and there's no point in fretting now.

2. Sandals
The week started cold and wet but by Thursday the sun came out and it was time to paint my toenails and wear my new sandals for the first time.  I'm very pleased with them - they're from Clark's.  I buy quite a lot of shoes from Clark's as they are good quality, comfortable and not that pricey.  My mum, who insisted as I do, that school shoes come from there, was right!

3. Evening Walks
I love the long summer evenings and the chance to get out for a walk in the evenings after dinner instead of just watching television.  Dog walk field is now waist high with long grass, buttercups and cow parsley.  It was peaceful swishing through the grass and watching the sun go down on Thursday evening.

4. Goldfinches
The goldfinches I had hoped for have finally discovered my niger seed feeder.  I managed to catch these two before they flew away - they are much more timid than the robins or bluetits.  One of the questions on the Biology paper my daughter did was about how the number of goldfinches seen in gardens is increasing and students were asked to give reasons for this.  Something to do with predators and food sources it seems,

5. Gardening
I bought a discounted gooseberry bush and planted it.  Too late for any fruit this year but I'll be patient.  After a couple of years of poor yields the blackcurrant bush I planted three years ago is promising a good crop.  I love fruit bushes and have good memoires of gathering fruit for jam from my grandparents' garden in Northern Ireland.


  1. I love your sandals Doris; we always got our school shoes and summer sandals from Clark's too. I loved the sandals, brown leather, with a little pattern of holes punched in the front, and a strap to hold them on, I would wear them now! X

    1. There are some lovely tan ones in their Orla Kiely collection which I really wanted but unfortunately they were £120!

  2. Five great things - apart from the stress bit of the exams of course, that isn't so good. I like Clarks shoes too, yours look great. It is so nice to be able to wear summery shoes again isn't it. Makes all the difference. Your currants look really good don't they, lots to eat later in the summer! Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great rest of your weekend! xx

  3. Exam time is so difficult, you really feel for them don't you? I was that mum who insisted in Clarks school shoes too until high school. A lovely other four except the exams, the very best of luck to her xxx

  4. Good luck with the exams, such a stressful time. :-)

  5. Studying hard and then finding they weren't testing on what you studied is so difficult. I still remember one uni class like that, I had to fake my way through the final.
    Love the finches.

  6. Lovely post - you've had a busy week! We've had a couple of bullfinches in our garden this week funny enough. They're beautiful but not quite as dramatic as your goldfinches, which look amazing and what a great photo too! Hope you're enjoying the weekend and that the rest of the exams go well. Ax

  7. What a lovely post. And how times changes when writing a blog post is a GCSE question!

  8. I saw my first ever goldfinch pair last week, it made me really happy. Not sure why but there you go. Sandals are still confined to the shoebox here, it is just freezing but I have started to roll up my jeans a tad now and then. I like Clarks, they do comfy shoes that don't look like therapeutic walkers. Unfortunately the children shoe fitting is now done with an iPad rather than common sense, a gauge and a thumb to find the big toe. No matter how often you tell the fitter that your child was a size larger last year, they insist on their measurements being correct (technology doesn't lie etc). It is a pain to say the least. Still, the shoes are good and I tend to stand my ground. Have a lovely week Doris! x

  9. I remember doing exams myself and then my sons and am so glad that is all over. Yes, we had to have Clarks shoes for school too and, although I still like them, I can't normally wear them as they are too wide for me. Goldfinches are beautiful and we are very fortunate to have lots visiting our garden. I must check our gooseberry bush and see if we're going to get anything this year.

  10. Hey Doris,
    I have a vivid memory of show shopping in Clarks when I was little. My Dad always took us to have our school shoes fitted, because we wouldn't dare question his choice of shoe. Their shoes were a lot more brutal back in the seventies I recall. You can buy Orla Keily from there now!
    Leanne xx

  11. Well done on capturing the goldfinches. I hope the exams go well - for all concerned. x