Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Catching Up with Myself.........

Ramore Head, Portrush, 15th July 2015

 I seem to have had an unintentional blogging break - no posts for a whole month.  Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Where does the time go? Does anybody know? (That's a line from a song which has stuck in my mind.  Might be Julia Fordham, but will have to check with husband who will know this)

I think that's the reason I blog - for the record.  To capture and remember the things I do.  An online diary really which I share with others.  I'm getting braver too, telling people I know, including relatives, about the blog. This has pros and cons.  If I know my readers, I tend to self-censor in case I cause offence or reveal something embarrassing.

So what's the craic...

Yes, I've just spent a week in Northern Ireland and so have rediscovered dormant vocabulary.  I was foundered all week as the temperature was a coolish 14 degrees. But that visit deserves a post of its own. And now I'm back, and it's the school summer holidays, there's plenty of time to hang around in pjs writing this instead of doing housework.  (I've just had an embarrassing encounter with an Amazon delivery bloke who turned up at the open back door to discover me in my grotty pjs; husband's instructions said leave parcel round back!)

But I digress...

I've not been blogging because I've been...

Celebrating birthdays...

 My own last Saturday, husband's at the beginning of July and my friend's 50th at the end of June.  For my friend's birthday I organised a spa day for six of us at a local hotel.  Good fun hanging out in their pool, chatting and drinking fizz all day though I'm not so sure the treatments are worth it.

My birthday last Saturday was a non-event since we spent most of it travelling back from NI via Cairnryan, but we did go for a meal on Friday night to celebrate in advance.  We ate in the Church Street Restaurant in Magherafelt which I think is in the building that once housed the shop where Mummy bought our Clark's shoes.   Times have changed and I could hardly believe there was such a posh establishment in Magherafelt. We were even served an extra mini course of fennel and potato soup in tiny coffee cups - just like a Michelin starred restaurant!  A lovely meal and a lovely evening, though missed my girl who wanted to spend the last evening of her holiday with her cousins.

Saying goodbye....
To Songsmiths, my choir and specifically Rick and Dawn Smith who have lead the choir for the last eight years but are now moving abroad to teach in Brunei.  We had a final concert on the 6th July, many of us getting a bit emotional as we sung 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' and  'Tell me it's not True' for the last time.

Songsmiths at Eaton Hall, Christmas 2012
Another goodbye..
We also said goodbye to my wonderful colleague, Louise, at school.  She has been such an inspiration to me and my daughter and will be greatly missed.  She is leaving teaching to pursue her interest in the United Nations, doing voluntary work for them and helping to set up more model UN conferences like the one we attended in Holland. I organised a small party here in the last week of term to show our appreciation of her.

Going on school trips.....
To London with Year 11 for a tour of the Houses of Parliament, a visit to the National Portrait Gallery and a wander round Covent Garden.  I went for a walk in shady St James Park at lunch time while the rest of the staff and the kids sat in the sun in Trafalgar Square.  I'd not been there for years and had forgotten how beautiful it is.

St James' Park, London, June 2015

Some of the reasons I've not been here.  More catching up soon so watch this space.  And welcome new readers, especially cousins!


  1. Hey Doris,
    Lovely to see a post from you. And happy belated birthday. And I know what you mean about family members bearing witness to the words on the page.....I've been in hot water a couple of times because of it ;))
    Leanne xx

  2. Lovely to see you back Doris, sounds like you have been busy. The whole issue of friends and family reading blogs is a tricky area, and probably tends to make us a bit more self-censoring than we would otherwise be. Belated happy birthday wishes! X

  3. Happy Birthday to you and your husband! Sounds as though you have been very busy indeed with lots of good things going on. I don't tell any of my family about my blog, exactly because of the self censoring element! xx

  4. Stumbled across your blog and this post and got drawn in. That's the trouble with blogging - it's out there. But you write really well, so there you go.

  5. Happy birthday - a bit belated. It's still foundering here in Northern Ireland.