Sunday, 21 February 2016

Half-term Holiday Catch Up

Half term is nearly over and my plans for the week thwarted by  a nasty cold virus which has wiped me out for the last few days.  So the outings we'd planned were cancelled and chores remain unfinished. Still, at least there was time to relax, read and watch a bit of television.  I even summoned up enough energy to clean the oven yesterday.

Kate and I had one day out earlier in the week.  We went to Ness Gardens to see the snowdrops.  I've blogged about this before but make no apologies.  I love snowdrops as for me they signal the end of winter. They are so fragile and delicate yet seem to survive frost, wind and rain to appear in the bleakest months of the year.  As a child I always loved finding the snowdrops in the same neglected corner of the back garden. We picked some and put them in jars on the windowsills but they didn't last long and are better enjoyed where they grow.  And later, dad planted a whole host of them in the front garden where they are probably flowering right now with none of us there to see them.  We don't have any in our own garden - you're supposed to buy and plant them nowish after they finish flowering and I've never got round to it.  Must make an effort this year.

We also found some brave primroses tempted out early by the mildish winter.  I bet they regretted it as it was freezing on Monday: as you can see above I am fully wrapped up in sheepskin.

And there were some other winter flowers on show.  I'm no gardening expert but I think the pink one is a camellia and the other is a hellebores.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  I'm not so concerned about names and varieties but I do love a garden visit and Kate indulged me in return for lunch before returning to her history coursework preparation. A lovely day out.  And if the rains hold off today, perhaps we'll manage another half term outing.


  1. Definitely looks like a camellia to me.

  2. I love snowdrops too. I transplanted some from a neglected area behind our garage, to the front garden a few years ago, and they are thriving X

  3. You are right, Doris, camellia and hellebores. Snowdrops and primroses are pretty too, they must be very tough to flower at this time of year.