Sunday, 21 August 2016

Summer Catch Up

It's been a busy summer and I've got out of the habit of blogging completely.  This has been bothering me - I like to look back on this record of events and know that there are a few loyal readers out there .  So here goes...

Since my last post we have moved house.  It was hard work - much sorting of 15 years worth of accumulated clutter and multiple trips to charity shops and the dump.  But I'm no minimalist - there was still a great deal to pack into boxes and quite a lot of these boxes remain unpacked.  There are things to do in the new house: some of the decor is not to our taste; we're going to extend the kitchen and incorporate a utility room as currently I have to go outside to a store room to put the washing on, something which will get a bit annoying when it's darker and colder.

As you will know if you have read previous posts, I was in two minds about the move, not wishing to leave my peaceful back garden behind.  Having been in our new house for two weeks, I'm now feeling at home and happy with our decision.  Already our use of the car has decreased as we can walk most places we need to go.  The cycle path nearby means that I can now use my bike as a means of transport. Kate is happy as she can walk into town to meet friends and also to her summer waitressing job.  She's suddenly become so independent, painting her room herself the other day, replacing the pink with silvery blue, and heading into town with a CV one day, acquiring this job as a result.

It's not all been about the move - we've had some good times and days out in between.  Two of my sisters and their husbands visited to go to Carfest which was at Bolesworth Castle, not so far from here.  They went to all three days; Kate and I joined them on the Sunday. Husband off riding 100 miles around London that weekend so he wasn't around.  I'm not that interested in cars but enjoyed the day, pottering about the stalls, trying free samples of food and drink and listening to the bands. Best for me was Seal and Squeeze but in the end I'm no festival fan, I like to be a bit closer to the performer rather than watching a tiny figure far away while standing in a chilly field.  An experience but one day was enough for me.  Enjoyed the fireworks at the end more than Bryan Adams.  I preferred another outdoor event Kate and I attended this week - a performance of  'As You Like It' in Grosvenor Park.  A good production and it was a lovely sunny evening. Not sure I'd have enjoyed it so much in the wind and rain we've had over the last few days though.

Here a few pictures of the new house and garden:
One corner of the lounge has become a kind of man cave. 
I like the windows with the little bits of stained glass.  This is the view from the front room which we're going to have as a kind of quiet room (no TV, no loud music) where I can read and work and Kate can study.  It's a mess at present with all the unpacked boxes and we will have to have the dining table in here until the kitchen is extended.

I like our walled garden even though it is a bit overgrown.  It is quite a private space even though there is a busy road on the other side.  I've put our my bird feeders but so far have only had magpies and one robin.

That's all for now.  School holidays nearly over and GCSE results day looming but still a trip to Northern Ireland to look forward to next week.  


  1. Congratulations on your new house! A walled garden, even with a road on the other side would be my dream.

  2. I am glad you are happy in your new home. The stained glass windows look lovely, I wish we still had ours (the previous owners replaced them). The walled garden is great, too. Imagine reading a book, enjoying the late summer sunshine! We are just about to start with our house extension, I am quite exited but also anxious. Have a lovely week. x

  3. Enjoy the craic in Ireland! And congratulations on the new house; it looks lovely already although I'm sure by the time you finish with it it will be grand.

  4. I love your walled garden and the stained glass windows. All looks lovely, glad you have settled, it is a bit daunting isn't it.

  5. I hope you'll be very happy in your new home Doris. The stained glass windows are lovely and I'm sure you'll get the walled garden looking as lovely as your old garden did.