Monday, 18 July 2016

Holidays in Sorrento and a Birthday Outing

Arrived back on Saturday from a week in Sorrento.  Let Kate have a say in our choice of holiday this year as she's worked so hard on GCSEs and she chose Italy.  It was bit hot for us really so plans for sightseeing trips to Capri and Pompeii were abandoned. But it was lovely just lazing around, sitting in the shade reading, eating nice food and admiring the views.  One of my main inspirations for returning here after a previous trip Paul and I made in 1991 was this picture of me drinking a cocktail on the balcony of our hotel and watching the sun go down over the Bay of Naples.  So recreated the pose 25 years later. Pictures were taken by Kate on her phone - I love the sunset one.

Sorrento 1991

Sorrento 2016 - older but not much wiser

View of Vesuvius from our apartment

Sorrento at night
 We're back home now and though it's the school holidays, we'll be busy as house move is happening in early August.  But have taken today off - it's my birthday and the sun is shining.  We've been for a walk around the Great Orme in Llandudno (well a bit of it - too hot again as we seem to have brought the sun home with us).  Then we went to Bodysgallen Hall for afternoon tea and a walk round the gardens.  A lovely day out though feeling a little full now after all that cake.


  1. Happy Birthday Dorothy. You look as lovely now as you looked then, your happy smile is infectious! We visited Pompeii when I was about twelve and as rebellious as is possible.... but with Latin one of my favourite subjects, 'those Roman heaps of stone' (as we used to call them) felt rather close. I loved Herculaneum almost more, less busy, smaller and amazingly well preserved. Just in case you are going back any time soon. Wishing you look with the house move. x

  2. Happy Birthday! Beautiful photographs, I like the sunset one too, though those water lillies look pretty good,as do the roses. Glad to hear the packing up is going well, quite right to take the day off for your birthday. X

  3. Happy Birthday11 You don't look any different now than you did back them! Still beautiful and lovely!! Sorrento is beautiful isn't it, we went there a few years ago and loved it, hope you did too!

  4. Hey Dorothy,
    Happy birthday!! Sorrento is a beautiful place. I went there when I was fourteen, and remember the little back streets. I also remember a very handsome Italian boy.....
    Leanne xx

  5. Happy belated birthday to you! That sunset is wonderful. Best of luck with your move. xx

  6. Good luck with the move which must be happening soon.