Sunday, 21 April 2013

April is Blog lovin' month: me and my favourite blogs

As a new blogger I feel a bit like the new girl in school.  I've been trying to find my place in the blogging community, to build up some followers and exchange comments with others.   I've had limited success and  this week has been particularly disappointing as only a few readers have looked at the posts I carefully composed last weekend.  So have been considering abandoning this particular inspired folly and deleting the lot.  But reading through my posts I've decided not to do this.  Even if it's just for me, this is a record of a particular time.  And I like recording.  I have twenty years of journals, recording events and my thoughts on them a daily or more often a weekly basis.  I'm still doing this - it's a very different from this online journal which is inevitably an edited version of my life.

One of the reasons I haven't found my niche in the blogging community is that fact that I don't really fit neatly into any category.  My first posts were about fashion, mainly because the blogs I discovered first were about fashion.  I enjoy Style Guile a lot, but actually what I like most is hearing tales about Beth's family life, seeing pictures of her flamingo wallpaper, her pink front door and her trip to 'One Direction' with her teenage daughter!  School Gate Style, is also great in offering glimpses of life in Northern Ireland as well as the fashion tips. But I don't really fit in with this stylish group of fashion bloggers : I'm a bit older; not as fashion conscious -often to be found in grotty jeans and fleece; and also am more interested in wearing the clothes I already have with style rather than constantly buying new items.

And it was on looking for posts on creating a capsule wardrobe that I discovered another favourite blog Just a Little Less, which is about minimalism but also about family life.  This is a wonderful blog and it has inspired me in many ways.  This morning I'm off the the library to pick up a book Claire recommended, 'The Happiness Project'.  Through Just a Little Less I discovered other minimalist blogs.  But don't really fit in here either: I'm too messy to be a minimalist and my efforts to declutter, which I've posted about before, have had limited success.

During the holidays I made a determined search to discover more blogs like mine which cover a range of topics from parenting to planting vegetables.  Here's my list of favourites.  And I've followed an idea I picked up from a gardening blog called Veg Plotting, trying to comment on five blogs every day.  As I tell my daughter, the way to make freinds is to be friendly.

Audrey Finch - this blog is wonderful and has a wonderful header reflecting the name of the blog with a picture of Audrey Hepburn, a copy of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and a can of Diet Coke, Jen's favourite drink.
She writes about family life in Oregon, USA and includes beautiful photographs.  Like me she loves books and she also writes about her teenage daughter.

My Little Red Suitcase- Crochet, life, being a parent. Always enjoy Heather's posts

As I Roved Out - another newly discovered blog from Ireland.  Beautiful photographs

A Load of Old Tat - Great name and covers topics from Izal toilet roll to pink birthday cake.


  1. Thanks for the mention Eleanor. I too am finding it hard to find a niche in blogland.
    As you said, I think it's hard when you're just a general blogger. There seem to be ready made communities for food bloggers, mummy bloggers, beautiful home bloggers etc.
    I also think some people must spent a lot of time on promoting their blog, on social networking, twitter, facebook etc. I feel I spend enough time in the virtual world (I do a 365 photo project which also involves commenting) without taking on more.
    Keep at it, I enjoy reading your blog. Hope you are having a nice weekend. The sun is shining here and I'm torn between doing chores and heading out with my camera.
    Mairéad x

    1. Lovely tohear form you
      Lovely to hear from you and yes I'll keep going. Hope you forgot the chores and headed out - your photographs are fabulous.

  2. Wise decision to keep at it Eleanor. You have described the frustrations of many bloggers so well and written from the heart which always resonates well with me. I often veer off my simple living/minimalism brief because I like reading varied posts and want my readers to have that experience too. I do find having a schedule helps where I write about set topics on certain days and joining in with projects like 52 Weeks of Happy helps me feel connected. I try to comment on at least one blog a day but don't force it as I think it should be a natural response. I like all the blogs you mention and will be checking out As I Roved Out which is new to me. Good luck and enjoy The Happiness Project. Thanks for your support. Claire xo

    1. Am on February of the Happiness Project already. And thanks forthe advice. Reckon more frequent, shorter posts may be the way forward. 52 weeks of happy is great. Might give it this a try.

  3. A lovely blog post, keep up the good work :)