Monday, 22 April 2013

Salad Days

I hate those nasty plastic bags of supermarket salad with too much spinach and half-dead droopy leaves.   So this year I'm determined to grow my own:  after all I'm a farmer's daughter and know about this stuff. A couple of years ago I had great success with my veg patch, using a method called square foot gardening.

Indestructable rhubarb
But the last two years have been less successful - the cold and wet here in the north west left my patio tomatoes hard and green and the surviving lettuce slug ridden.  I have only managed to grow two things : the rhubarb which as you can see above is emerging again and my chive plant which seems indestructable.

So this year I have done everything by the book. Compost has been dug into the bed; seeds planted indoors until the soil warms up.  The seedlings look a bit leggy, probably because I didn't use proper seed compost. Not so sure about all the thinning out and hardening off business so have bought a couple of ready planted trays from B&Q just in case it all goes wrong.

The rocket seems to grow the fast

Peas also doing well

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