Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Gotcha nuthatch!

I've been trying to capture on camera this shy visitor to our garden for the past two weeks.  Have eventually succeeded. He's easily frightened off and is always looking around him checking for dangers.  Sounds familiar.


  1. Good capture! I've never seen one but have a blurry photo somewhere of the pair of woodpeckers who live round here. I can't put out nuts due to the squirrels. Your post reminded me about howe everyone at home is obsessed with feeding the birds.

    1. Just checked out your bird post. I feed the birds because my dad did. He liked the goldfinches and we hardly ever get them here. When I checked the RSPB website they are the number four on the common birds chart for NI. My nuthatch is only number 20 in This area so feel honoured. We have squirrels too but my bird feeder is supposedly squirrel proof. I appear to be turning into a twitcher!