Sunday, 30 March 2014

Love and ladybirds

The teenager has returned from her trip to France with a bad cold and an arrow through her heart.  Not a nasty accident when doing archery but a visit from Cupid.  She had a bit of a holiday romance with a boy her age from another school.  So she spent yesterday lying on the sofa coughing and snuffling; catching up with soaps and Towie; and messaging this boy.

Meanwhile I spent my Saturday doing loads of her washing and mowing the lawn.  There are certain chores I don't mind much so I tend to do these first, ignoring more tedious ones.  Hanging out the washing is one but mowing the lawn is my favourite.  I like the smell of the grass and it's very satisfying and soothing walking up and down in straight(ish) lines.  Not that I'm a perfectionist - our lawn is full of moss and weeds and yellow patches where the dog has peed too often.  It still looks ok after a good mow, though.

It was a lovely sunny day and I spotted a butterfly or two.  A peacock sat still for ages on one bush - laying eggs perhaps. There were also loads of ladybirds around.  We have had a plague of ladybirds in the house over the winter, hiding in the window frames and occasionally crawling around the ceiling in the kitchen. But we put up with them as ladybirds so pretty and, so I believe, eat other garden pests.  They are my third favourite insect after butterflies and dragonflies with their rainbow wings.

So I got out my camera and attempted a picture. No glasses so I couldn't see very well and the first two attempts were very blurry. Then I realised that I was photographing not one ladybird but two in close proximity and all over the bush were pairs of ladybirds mating.  So I have included a rather rude image in  today's post.  Oh well, I suppose it is springtime and time for love.


  1. Glad she made it back safely. My Other Half spent about three hours on Saturday dismantling, oiling and then putting back together out extremely ancient push- along mower (so old in fact, the man in the junk shop gave it to him about twenty years ago because he was sure nobody would ever pay any money for it) - makes a really good job of the lawn though and sounds much more tranquil than the Flymo.

  2. Ours is a petrol one which usually starts after a few attempts with a kind of pull cord. which I like. This is always a pleasant surprise since it's stored in a leaky shed. Less annoying than a Flymo, but not as silent as a push-along.

  3. Ha! Ha! Brilliant! They're certainly in the mood for love! X

  4. :) This made me smile. Garden looks great and I hope teen has recovered from her sniffles.