Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Weekend Treats: Eddi Reader and lots of chocolate

The highlight of our Easter weekend (apart from the chocolate) was going to see Eddi Reader perform at the Brindley Theatre in Runcorn.  I can't remember when I enjoyed a concert so much.  Down south sister had heard her interviewed on radio and booked the tickets for all of us and she and her husband came with us to the Brindley on Saturday evening.  It's a lovely theatre - only ten years old,  spacious and comfortable and not too big -we were three rows from the front. Much better than the usual smelly venues husband drags me to for concerts. (Refuse to use his word 'gig')

You might not have heard of Eddi Reader though she once had a number one hit in her band Fairground Attraction in the 1980s.  She did a few of old songs but most were from her new album 'Vagabond'.  Her songs are rooted in her experience of growing up in a tenement flat in Glasgow and she told us the story behind every song.  So we heard about her grandmother from Tralee, her father Danny with his habit of singing loudly after an few drinks and her Auntie Molly whose housecoat and red straw hat Eddy was wearing on stage.  She finished the concert by singing 'Moon River' in role as her mother, Jean.  I think it was the way she weaved a kind of family narrative into the performance was what appealed to me. Sister enjoyed so much that she's thinking of booking to see her again at the Barbican where she is playing later in the year.


  1. I love Eddie Reader's voice. She also made an album if Robbie Burns songs and it is gorgeous.

  2. It's got to be 'Perfect'; saw me through many a Sunday afternoon pre-Sunday shopping laws and boyfriend/husband. I used to play the whole album over and over, too loud from my solitary eagle's nest of a bedroom.