Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I've spent quite a lot of time in the last week gardening.  This has not been much fun as there have been many tedious things to do before I plant anything.  Mostly I have been removing weeds.  Giant dandelions and thistles and that stuff that sticks to you.  This picture is of a corner of the garden which I have left alone even though the plants are really weeds as they established themselves in this spot.  I seem to have a large crop of forget-me-nots in various parts of the garden, but don't recall planting any.  Pleased about this as I noticed a tray for sale in a local garden shop for £3.50!

I've also been removing weeds and moss and grime from paving stones on the patio.  To assist me in my miserable task I purchased a 'natural' eco-friendly bottle of patio cleaner from the supermarket.  I applied it today with a watering can and now the patio smells like a chip shop.  Looked at the side of bottle.  It says 'contains acetic acid'.  Vinegar!  Suspect I purchased a large, overpriced bottle of pure white vinegar.  By tomorrow it's supposed to have started to work on the grime and it will continue to work for two weeks according to the instructions.  Unconvinced.

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  1. Forget-me-nots are so pretty, I love the delicate blue, which is so unusual in flowers. I have found a little spot with them in my own garden, too. They self seed successfully and I am glad that I have some in my garden again. There used to be loads when the garden was all gravel and concrete (when we moved in) but we lost them as we were transforming the garden into a green space. My mum uses one of the power steam cleaners for patio cleaning. I have seen it in action, it is great (and doesn't smell). Have a lovely Easter weekend, Doris. xx