Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Glimpse of Spring

I eventually got out in the garden this weekend to do a bit of much needed tidying up, pruning and lawn mowing.  Saturday was beautiful and I hoped more warmish days would follow. Today is damp and cold again though so I haven't got any further. I have enjoyed watching spring from my kitchen window though.  In the tall trees on the farmland behind our garden, lives a colony of crows. What is the collective noun for crows? A congregation? A caw? (Just googled and one of the alternatives is 'a murder of crows'.)  They have been nest-building and I have enjoyed watching them carrying twigs, twice the length of their body, which they are using to create huge structures high in the branches.  Not everyone likes the crows: they are noisy and the farmer occasionally shoots at them with an air rifle like my dad used to.  But they fascinate me and the noise is not that unpleasant.

I've also bought a new birdfeeder in the hope of attracting more small birds.  I filled it with niger seed which promises to attract a 'charm' of goldfinches.  Or 'a troubling', which is an alternative collective noun for them, though I prefer charm as I love theses colourful little birds.  Perhaps the crows are scaring the smaller birds away.  Is that where the name, 'a murder of crows', comes from, I wonder?


  1. I thought it is a murder of crows. How funny that for different birds there are different collective nouns. I can imagine this turning into an obsession of mine, looking up collective nouns for birds. You just never know when this is going to be quiz night question.... I like crows, I once did a solo presentation at school, I think it was primary school. xx

    1. Thank you so much for offering your help with my English homework! I am just procrastinating really, once I get started it is ok. I was going to email you but I don't seem to find your email address. xx

  2. Olly and I lay in bed this morning listening to and watching the crows. They are having pitched battles over one of our chimneys at the moment. I like them too. My sister in law doesn't. They nest in her trees and poo allover her car.
    Leanne xx

  3. Doris, if you find a way to keep the crows from eating all the food intended for the smaller birds, please let me know! It drives me crazy when I put out bird food and the crows muscle their way in and scare off the smaller birds x

  4. I hope that you can attract the little birds in! xx

  5. A murder of crows sounds very apt, I think. Saturday was lovely here too so we were out planting up seeds, it was great to get out in they garden xx

  6. A murder of crows makes me think of Hitchcock (wonder why).
    Spring has been trying to get a foot in the door here too. My door is wide open: can't wait for afternoons spent in the garden xxx