Thursday, 28 May 2015

Cunard Three Queens in Liverpool

On Bank Holiday Monday I braved the crowds with my sister-in-law and her husband to attend the 3 Queens event on the Mersey.  I rarely get the chance to go to such events as my husband and daughter hate crowds and so sadly I never did see the giant puppets when they came to Liverpool.  So I was happy to have someone to go with on this occasion.  My sister and brother-in-law are a bit older than us and have been on quite a few cruise holidays. So they have actually sailed on two of the ships - the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth - and have a cruise planned on the Queen Victoria to the Norwegian Fjords later this year.

It was crowded but I think not so crowded as on the other side as you can see from Angel Jem's post on the event.  We caught a train to Birkenhead and viewed the event from the quayside by the ferry terminal.  As you can see from the pictures there were people in front of us but we still had a fairly good view and it was all fairly good humoured despite the crowds.

The advantage of viewing from this side is that you can see all the iconic Liverpool landmarks in the background. Can you spot the cathedral and the Liver Building with the 'birds' on the top in the pictures above?  Liverpool has more historic buildings than any other city in Europe according to my brother-in-law who was, like my husband, born in the city. 

The Cunard company started its cruise business from here but now sail from Southampton.  A pity really as it would help revive the economy if they came back up north.  We might even consider a cruise holiday if they sailed from here though I still am not sure it's for me.  My only experience of cruising is the overnight Brittany Ferries trip from Portsmouth to St Malo and it was something to  be endured rather than enjoyed, despite the on board patisserie, restaurant, bars and entertainment. 


  1. I agree - it would be better if Cunard moved to Liverpool. It doesn't make sense for so many of the cruise companies to leave from Southampton. We have cruised twice with P&O and really enjoyed it but getting to Southampton from NI isn't easy or cheap. Anyway, we've booked another P&O cruise for next year! I can assure it it's nothing like an overnight ferry trip!

    1. Quite like the idea of a Mediterranean cruise but husband needs convincing.

  2. What a huge ship! I don't think cruises are for me either, but possibly that all changes when you get older. Judy

  3. It must've been quite a spectacle seeing those ships. I've never been on a cruise either but I'm pretty sure the cross channel ferry experience is nothing like a proper cruise! Maybe I'll find out in twenty years time :-) We have done Portsmouth - Bilbao which cuts out a large amount of driving to get to Spain, that wasn't too bad xx

  4. An amazing sight to see!! So glad that you got to go and enjoy it so much! xx

  5. Thanks for the shout out; we considered going over the water to watch, but the problems of parking and not knowing the lay of the land put us off. I'm glad you got a good view. Did you see the Youtube link somebody left in my comments? It was a drone flight around the ships and gave a really good view.