Sunday, 24 March 2013

Chocolate Brownies, Jenny Eclair and Log Fires

Sunday afternoon and planned Easter holiday gardening action postponed due to weather.  So have spent a large part of the weekend in front of the fire reading. Still on 'Skippy Dies' by Paul Murray, reread as it's my book club choice.  Not so good on a second read so a bit worried the others won't like it. I also picked up a book by Jenny Eclair (Life, Death and Vanilla Slices)  from the library yesterday which I'm reading at the same time.  It's the sort of book you can pick up and read with a cup of tea as it has nice short chapters.   About middle-aged woman with twenty-five years teaching experience and an English and French degree married to someone called Paul.  Isn't that me?  Except she has two teenage boys, and I have been a teacher now for 30 years. OMG as Fashion Girl might say.  Anyway a good read so far - black humour which always appeals to me.

But did get off the sofa and got in the mood for Easter by making some Chocolate Brownies this afternoon with Fashion Girl.  She is into baking after her success with a chocolate cake a couple of weeks ago in Home Ec. (or Food and Nutrition as it's offically called now).  We used a basic recipe but modified it leaving out the nuts which she doesn't like and adding chocolate drops and raspberries.  They are a bit singed around the edges as our oven burns everything but they taste delicious.  The raspberries cut through the sweetness and they are squidgy in the middle. 

Fashion posts on hold until I stop eating brownies and get off the sofa.  Won't fit into any of my clothes at this rate!

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