Monday, 25 March 2013

My Girl and 'Our Girl'

On the way to school last week we passed, as we often do, a group of very young looking soldiers out on a training run through our village.  There's an army barracks close by and the soldiers seem so young I suspect they are new recruits.  Occasionally we also pass a solitary soldier complete with heavy looking backpack, accompanied by an older looking sergeant type.  What's going on there?  Punishment or extra training for a failing recruit?

Anyway Fashion Girl said, as we carefully overtook them, that she didn't understand why anyone would volunteer to be a soldier with going to Afghanistan a probability.    She's often talked about what she'll do in the future and the fact that some of her friends in Year 9 have had to choose GCSE options recently has started her thinking about this in more detail.  Last year she wanted to go to RADA; more recently she's been considering a career in fashion design and if that doesn't work out she says may study Law.  Fair enough. Am wary of giving any advice as I remember resisting strongly my mother's chosen path for me when I was a teenager.  The thing is she knows she has choices and, as a bright girl at a good school, I suppose she has, even if some of them are a bit unrealistic.

After she made that comment I explained to her that those who do join up often do so because they haven't got many other options.  Not sure she grasped what I was saying.  So last night when she showed an interest in watching 'Our Girl', the drama about an 18 year old who joins the army, I agreed.  Ok there was a lot of swearing and a bit of sex but think I made the right decision in letting her watch it as I suppose it showed her a different kind of life to the rather sheltered one she leads.  The central character, Molly, played by an actress who's in Eastenders, leaves behind her job in a nail bar, unfaithful boyfriend and difficult home life and joins up.  It's tough but she succeeds in the end and is deployed to Afghanistan.  There's a scene where she witnesses some parents collecting their dead son's belongings from the base and another where she goes on a trip to see the the war graves in Northern France. And the ending was well done.  We hear her voice reading the letter she has been advised to write to her parents in case she dies and see them watching on TV a Union Jack draped coffin in Brize Norton.  But then there's a shot of the sergeant reading the letter and we realise she's still alive.

A good drama and it answered the question she asked me earlier in the week much better than I did.

Lacey Turner stars in Our Girl
Me and my girl watched 'Our Girl' last night

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