Saturday, 2 March 2013

What are you wearing? My Middle-aged Man in Lycra raising money for the Alzheimer's Society

'What are you wearing?' said Fashion Girl to her dad as we headed out for a family mid-week meal out on Wednesday night.

Yes - you read that right.  13 year old expresses horror at what her father is wearing, not the other way round.  My husband is a bit of an eccentric when it comes to his clothing choices and on this occasion he had accessorised his sand coloured jacket with a yellow paisley-patterned scarf.  It had belonged to his father and is about 40 years old.  I thought it looked quite good actually and am tempted to borrow this scarf myself.

 Mr Inspired's wardrobe does contain some items I do seriously object to, however. The cardigan below was purchased online last year and was apparently a bargain, being reduced from £250 to around £70, he tells me.  From Henry Lloyd Jeans - is he a designer?  No idea.  It's a bit Starsky for those of you who recall Paul Michael Glaser in this role (See below).  The back view is even worse with large yacht motifs on it.  Fashion Girl and I are embarrassed when he wears this out and I feel need to apologise on his behalf to whoever we are with.  He, on the other hand, is without shame and is pleased with his purchase.

He likes sale bargains and is an online shopping addict.  Mostly this involves purchasing cycling related paraphenalia as he is one of the army of MAMILs, middle-aged men in lycra, who clog up country roads on their bikes every weekend. He regularly buys various bits of bike; gadgets to monitor his speed, distance, heart rate etc. and a range of garish and pricey lycra tops, shorts, waterproof jackets etc..  He spends more on cycling clothes than on the rest of his non-work wardrobe, and most evenings can be seen in a range of revolting t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms.

And so to the main point of this post.  I am very proud of my very own MAMIL, despite his wardrobe malfunctions.  A couple of years ago he cycled from London to Paris and raised over £1,000 for the Alzheimer's Society.  And now he is in training to do it again: London to Brussels in September.  It's going to be more of a challenge this time as he's recovering from a nasty car accident which happened last September and is still in pain with a back injury.  But he is determined and is out on his bike every weekend, gradually building up his fitness.

Made it to Paris!

Now I know it's asking a lot to expect people we have never met to sponsor him but just in case you would like to support this very worthy cause, here's the link to his Just Giving page.  Thanks!

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