Monday, 18 March 2013

Lazing around in Lincoln and Windowshopping for Shoes

Busy week again so didn't get to blogging but wonderful lazy weekend away to get over it.  Drove across the Pennines via Woodhead pass to visit friends in Lincoln. Cold weekend but it was cosy in our friend's house, which is a cottage within in sight of the cathedral but wonderfully peaceful as it's tucked away behind a wooden gate on a busy road.  You go down some steps and there's his little garden and front door. The traffic can be glimpsed at eye level through a little window set high on one wall but you barely notice it as the walls are so thick.  

Love going to Lincoln because I like all the little independent shops by the cathedral.  Didn't venture far on Saturday afternoon but went for a walk on Sunday morning and did some window shopping to the sound of the cathedral bells before the sleet set in.  Spotted this wonderful shoe shop, Mercury Shoes, on the way down Steep Hill.  Unfortunately it was closed so I didn't get the chance to try anything on.  Quite like the look of these stripey shoe boots.  Fashion Girl thought they were dreadful though and perhaps they'd be difficult to wear with anything but jeans, but I'm determined to be more adventurous in my shoe choices this spring.

Also liked these animals in another window which are in fact jugs.  Lots of great little shops - just a pity they weren't open.

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