Saturday, 29 June 2013

Doris's Day: Back Blogging and a Day in the Garden

Never again!  Just emerged from a month of marking exam papers.  Huge piles of ironing; garden overgrown; journal unwritten and blog untended.  But weeks of holiday coming up soon and I tamed the garden today.  Ironing can wait.

I love these flowers which I've put in pots on the patio - we called them Livingstone Daisies in Ballyronan.  This white shrub which we called Bride's Blossom is also flowering,  but over here it
is Mock Orange.  Whatever - it smells lovely.

Peas also doing well and so much lettuce.

And the elderflower is eventually out, about a month later than usual.  Our hedge is full of this and really needs cutting but it looks great for a while with all this frothy blossom.  Considering trying elderflower champagne again but last time one of my bottles exploded in the garage so I'm a bit wary.  This is another childhood tradition.  It was made in May/June and we were allowed a glass of the sweet, slightly alcoholic fizz at Christmas.


  1. Love your flowers, especially the Livingstone Daisies, which my mother used to plant when I was a child.
    The Elderflower reminds me that I must look for a recipe for some cordial - shame to let it go to waste when there's so much of it around at the moment.
    Did you ever hear of it called 'Bould Tree' (not sure of spelling), and that it was unlucky to use it as a stick for driving cattle?

  2. That's why I love the daisies as they remind me of my mum who we lost 9 years ago. Have heard of the elder being called the Bould tree. Will check it out with dad.

    Lovely to hear from you again Mairead. Haven't got to blogging much recently. Husband killed laptop by spilling wine on it and have had to replace it!