Friday, 12 July 2013

Doris's Day: on teaching and a trip to Shakespeare's Globe

Last week I took a party of kids from school to London for the day to tour Shakespeare's Globe theatre.  It was a great day out for everyone including my daughter, though to be honest she was more interested in the section of the day that involved shopping.  I loved the Globe: the smell of the wood and the thatch, the way it's open to the elements, how the wood has weathered, the simplicity of the stage set for a production of 'Macbeth' later in the afternoon.  Unfortunately we weren't seeing it - decided that the year 7s we'd brought wouldn't cope with a full length production.  But our guide was wonderful  - full of interesting anecdotes and facts about the theatre and speeches from the plays. He was an actor earning a bit extra from doing tours I suppose.

We also went on a riverboat trip to see some of the sights - a few of the kids had never been to London.  Fantastic views of the Shard, Tower bridge, HMS Belfast, Big Ben and of course the Globe itself.   The highlight of the day for many of the kids was Trafalgar Square where they joined other tourists to climb on the plinth of Nelson's Column and in some cases onto the backs of lions. It was a lovely day which even the staff enjoyed as the students were almost without exception polite, cooperative and appreciative all day.  Ok they were a little loud on the train on the way back, but other passengers were tolerant.

So one of those days when I love my job.   It's not like this all the time of course: this time last year for reasons too complex to outline here, I was ready to resign.   And then a few days ago I checked Facebook to find a message from a pupil I taught nearly 30 years ago in 1985 at the beginning of my career.  A lovely surprise - she said I was one of her favourite teachers and helped cultivate her interest in the English language and writing.  I think I remember her too.  Makes it all seem worthwhile if I am remembered like this.

Writing this in sunny Cornwall with dodgy wi fi signal on the iPad so not many posts this week.  And can't even upload pics so an imageless post.  Never mind - will get back to more regular logging now that hols are here.

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