Monday, 22 July 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 7/52: birthday, butterflies and brambles.

A few simple happy moments from the last week.  Joining again with Jen from little birdie.

1. Cake - my attempt at Orange and Lemon Cupcakes. Or fairy cakes really as they weren't huge over-frosted things.

2. My birthday on Thursday and a few friends plus kids for Pimms, cake, chocolate covered cherries and strawberries.  You can just spot yet another joke 'Doris' card which I can add to my collection. 

3.  Loads of butterflies on my Saturday morning dog walk.  Little brown and orange ones.  I just managed to capture this one on my phone.  Looked it up and they are called Gatekeepers.  Apparently attracted to bramble, which explains why they were there - see below.  

4. Promise of lots of blackberry picking this year!


  1. I far prefer fairy cakes! Happy belated birthday,

    Nina x

  2. Hey, I love your blog great work ;) Please come check mine out, if you decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back :) XxXx

  3. How funny/spooky - I've been catching up with your blog and realised you wrote about butterflies and Pimms just before I did - great minds think alike!