Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Doris's Day: (Or week really) In Padstow

Inspired by the many lovely photos on blogs I've been reading, we choose Cornwall for our summer holiday this year, renting a cottage in Padstow last week.  The sun shone; our cottage was clean and comfortable and Padstow not too busy it being a couple of weeks before most schools are off.  Term ended really early for us this summer so we took advantage of the slightly lower prices and headed off right away.  Back now and ignoring ironing and messy house to reflect on our holiday and record some memories.

What did we do with our week? Surfing on the beach at Newquay? Fishing trip? Nah... a whole lot of this....

Yes - eating;  (crisps are usually a banned food at home), drinking wine; and reading.  I read Kate Atkinson's 'Life after Life' on my Kindle.  Admired it; didn't love it.  Kate hiding behind second in the 'Noughts and Crosses' series - hates having her photo taken. The more active member of the family explored the area on his bike (lots of steep hills) and when he wasn't doing that watched the Tour de France on the TV.

We weren't entirely sedentary.  We took the dog for evening walks on the coastal path.  He doesn't like the heat much but did have a great time in Padstow as there were lots of other dogs to bark at and sniff.

Suspect my outfit here is accessorised by a doggy poo bag... lovely.  Can't believe he took a photo of me with it.

The beaches were deserted in the evenings and very beautiful.   


  1. Looks like a very pretty place to visit and the beach looks beautiful. We had a not dissimilar holiday in north Antrim that I have yet to get round to blogging about.

  2. It was lovely but still doesn't beat the North Antrim Coast. I love Portstewart - the walk round the convent to the Strand beach. And Morelli's ice cream. Did you go there on your break?

  3. Gorgeous photos.

    And you are reading - that really is the only way to do a civilised holiday!

    Agree re the North Antrim Coast. It is one of our favourite places. Very very like the West Coast of Scotland - but somehow better because it's Irish (I've family now in Carrowdore, Newtonards).

    Another lovely post.