Friday, 19 July 2013


Free Google image this time.  Camera playing up and won't upload my pictures

4.30 am and I'm in the garden.  Too hot to sleep and have a bit of a headache - too much birthday Pimms yesterday. Garden wonderfully cool; trees silhouettes in early morning light; cockerel crowing in the distance.  And bats!  Swooping silently, half invisible, there and then not there.  I love watching bats on warm summer evenings.  And mornings.   Anyway D. H. Lawrence says it better than me so here's an early morning poem.  Or a bit of one.  Though unlike me and most people I suppose,  Lawrence doesn't like bats.

From 'Bats'

Look up, and you see things flying
Between the day and the night;
Swallows with spools of dark thread sewing the shadows together.

A circle swoop, and a quick parabola under the bridge arches
Where the light pushes through;
A sudden turning upon itself of a thing in the air.
A dip to the water.


Dark air life loping
Yet missing the pure loop
A twitch, a twitter, an elastic shudder in flight
And serrated wings against the sky
Like a glove, a black glove thrown up at the light,
And falling back.


  1. A pipistrel whirred into my hair last week. My eldest son and I were shocked into a still, speechlessness. And then his girlfriend shook us into life with her gut-felt 'yeugh! did you see that thing!!'
    I didn't see it. But lord! I heard the whirr of its leather wings and felt it brush the tips of my hair.
    Louis (son) wondered aloud whether I had 'nits'. Boys! Ugh!
    What a beautiful post, Doris. When you write description you write lyrically and well.
    Lawrence - your quotation brings back so many memories. I did him to death in two dissertations at Glasgow Uni many years ago. I loved him once. The extract reminds me why. Thank you.

  2. Thanks and thanks for following. Seem to seek out those with a Northern Ireland connection. And a positive comment about my writing is very welcome at present as I'm working on a memoir about growing up in Co Derry in the 1970s. Making some progress. Love your blog and your tales of family life. I've been getting a bit disillusioned with mine but your comments have renewed my confidence.