Saturday, 11 May 2013

52 weeks of Happy 3/52

Joining in with Jen at little birdie again with my simple happy things:

1. Cowslips and cow parsley.  Dog walk down the railway footpath today as it has eventually dried up enough to be passable.  Wild flowers of all varieties including cowslips, my favourite, and tiny violets and a pale lilac one which is according to my book a cuckoo flower.

2. My new reading corner in the lounge.  New bookcase arrived from M&S on Tuesday to replace wobbly IKEA Billy bookcases we'd chucked out.    Flat pack but the delivery men put it together.  Good job too as neither of us much good at this.  Wanted the Conran one but finances too tight. This one pretty good for less than £200 with 20 percent off.  Moved a lamp beside the armchair and got the books out from the boxes under the bed.  More recluttering - not advisable when we're trying to sell the house.  But can't see this lovely bookcase putting anyone off.

3. Reading my Happiness Project book.  Plan to finish it in this spot tonight.  Has been requested by someone else at the library and don't want to keep them waiting.  Great book - thanks to Clare at Just a little Less for recommending it.  Would love to try writing a novel, or in my case a memoir,  in a month as Gretchen Ruben, the author of The Happiness Project did. A project for the summer holiday.

4. Non-uniform day at school yesterday.   Kids paid £1 and it went to UNICEF.   Everyone happy, though it took my fashion conscious daughter even longer to get ready.  Her chosen outfit: a short denim flippy skirt worn with black tights, a cobalt blue top and her studded pumps.  She looked lovely.


  1. The cowslips are really pretty.
    Love your reading corner - it looks very comfy and your bookcase is very tidy (unlike ours!)

  2. Thanks! just caught up with your blog too. Festival sounds great and your pictures are so clear. I've been struggling to update mine - exams looming so doing extra classes etc.