Monday, 6 May 2013

Introducing Doris's Day

Have decided to out myself as a Doris. When I started the blog that I was using a pen name, as I was worried about my ramblings being discovered by kids I teach.  Feel a bit more secure now in blogland and am weary of keeping up the Eleanor front.  Eleanor has a capsule wardrobe full of clothes from Boden and shoes from Russell and Bromley and an uncluttered home full of tastefully chosen items.   Doris doesn't, something regular readers may have realised by now.

There aren't many of us Dorises about.  I don't know any - do you?  My husband had an auntie but she's passed away now.  Most Dorises are in their eighties I reckon.  So I was very excited to discover a new mumsnet blogger on their newsletter recently called Lunch Lady Doris.  Left an enthusiastic comment about her name on her blog only to discover what you probably already know: that Lunch Lady Doris is a character from The Simpsons.  Mortified.

Yes my name is a bit of a joke and I've found myself apologising for it as I introduce myself to someone new to pre-empt the inevitable reactions: the smart-alec comment or the look of pity.  It's the pity I hate the most, as I can usually deal with the former.

Refuse to apologise any more or to hide behind Eleanor. I am who I am.  And so this blog will henceforth be subtitled Doris's Day. Que sera, sera....


  1. Nice to meet you Doris- you're the first. Being similarly reticent I'm using the Irish form of my name.

  2. Just love your Irish name. Not sure there is a Irish version for Doris!