Sunday, 26 May 2013

Doris's Day: In the garden

It's taken me a long time to get to this, my 50th blog post.  This week was one of the busiest ever as my part-time teaching job this week was in fact full-time because of my colleague's absence. And it's exam season so extra revision sessions, the English Lit exam on Monday and the arrival of 350+ exam scripts to be marked yesterday morning.  Never mind - it'll pay for a holiday.

So to de-stress before the marking begins in earnest I spent the weekend in my garden.  For once the sun shone here in the north west and I did a big tidy up removing the big nettle patch behind the veg patch; transplanting seedlings and planting up bedding.  Really pleased with the results.  Our garden always looks its best at this time of year with the clematis in bloom. We had lunch in this spot above and then Kate did a bit of maths revision for exams coming after half term.  Maths not her thing so had to help - fractions and multiplying decimals.  Found it tricky despite my 'A' level many years ago.

Above: the results of my efforts - pots of veg seedlings - peas are my favourite as the ones you buy in the shop don't compare and I love eating them raw from the pod as we did as children.  And bedding plants - trailing geraniums.  I love the smell of geraniums - reminds me of my granny who always had pots of them in her porch.

Didn't remove all weeds though.  Like this one below so left it.  Anyone know the name of this wild flower?  Some sort of mallow?

And I love the way the clematis is growing through the Japanese maple at present, but this will have to be cut back after flowering in case it strangles the maple.

Wanted a photo of us this time to mark my 50th blog post but Kate not keen and I don't much like the one of me.  So it's the dog again. At least he's not camera shy.


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