Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Doris's Day: Bank Holiday Outing to Parkgate

Have just been reading other posts about outings on Bank Holiday Monday so thought I'd add my own. The sun being out, I announced in the morning that I'd like a walk on the beach.  But other things to be achieved first so it was mid-afternoon before we set off up the Wirral peninsula heading for the nearest beach at Thurstaston.  Traffic backed up a bit so we turned off the main road a little earlier and went instead to Parkgate, a very unusual village which used to be a thriving resort and port but is now totally silted up.  So it has a promenade but the sea, or the Dee estuary to be precise, is a silver line in the distance.  Not a beach but it would do.

I'm quite fond of Parkgate having once worked in the black and white building on the right which is Mostyn House School.  Sadly this has now closed down and the beautiful old building with its wood panelling and private (and freezing) chapel where we had assembly is now supported by scaffolding.  One day when I was teaching there the tide came in:  this happens a couple of times a year and it was quite a shock. Mostly though it looks like it does in the picture above.  Acres of marshland and sky.

We found a parking space eventually.  Kate and I went to buy ice creams, one of the main attractions of Parkgate.  Nichol's, the famous ice-cream shop,  had a very long queue so went to the less famous one next door.

Meanwhile Ronan the dog had been let loose on the marshland.  Bad move: he found something very unpleasant indeed to roll in and now stank to high heaven.  Stank so badly that grumpy husband refused point blank to walk with him in that state. So plans abandoned and we headed home to hose him down (the dog, not the husband).

Everybody grumpy by that stage so we went our separate ways: me to the garden to sit in the sun with a cup of tea and my journal; Kate to her room to phone a friend and moan about her dad and he to listen to music. Loudly.

The dog forgave him first and was soon chasing around the garden, tail wagging in pursuit of a ball. I relented when he transformed our M&S 'Dine In' gammon joint with plastic packet of parsley sauce into something more delicious with the addition of gingered carrots, caramelised red onions and roast tomatoes.  He knows how to get round me. Kate still throwing him looks like daggers two days later.

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