Sunday, 19 May 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 4/52

Joining with Jen at little birdie again. My four simple happy things this week.  Mostly today actually.

1. Spring returned today and the clematis is in bloom. Bit of a surprise as so cold last night used the last of the coal to light a fire. This brute needs pruning ruthlessly but never fails to produce masses of pink blossom every year.

2. More pink. Glass of kir royale in the garden before dinner. Sparkling wine rather than champagne but still very good.

3. Harvested the first of my salad leaves today.  Delicious and far superior to nasty supermarket bags.

4. Trip to cinema with my daughter to see Gatsby.  She wasn't that keen but it's payback time for terrible things I sat through when she was younger like 'Bratz the Movie'.  She enjoyed it in the end.  I loved the spectacle, the music,the clothes and everything about it except Leonardo di Caprio.  Really didn't seem right for Gatsby for me. 


  1. I love your corner underneath the clematis - it looks so much like summer.
    I'd like to see this new Gatsby - loved the book and I've really enjoyed all the other Baz Luthrmann films.

  2. It was 10 years (and weight gained from Hoover) too late for Leo. I don't know who could have been Gatsby... possibly an impossible role to fill!