Sunday, 24 February 2013

On Blogging stats, the Saturday Times' Fashion pages and Cobalt Blue

Have been blogging now for two months and still enjoying it.  I like writing, recording my thoughts and communicating with people.  Not many comments but now have two followers. Welcome! Have only recently discovered the widget that allows followers so perhaps there'll be more.  It's good to know that someone is reading what I'm writing.

Until the last few days I'd resigned myself to the fact that most of my posts would attract just a handful of readers and comments will been rare.  Suddenly there's been a huge increase in traffic- have been checking the stats.  I'm not sure why this has happened -perhaps something to do with the way Google lists the blog on search engines.  While some posts are languishing with only a few readers,  one has had a massive number of hits - over 170 the last time I checked.  It's all about the Michael Kors bag I bought for my sister.  Reckon it's the mention of this high-end designer that gets it noticed.  I suspect that some of these readers are disappointed when they find a post about my purchase of a bag from Clark's as an alternative!  Tempted again today to mention Michael Kors in the post title but that would be a con really.  But will add a picture from yesterday's Saturday Times of his yellow outfit.  Great if you are 17, but not for me I fear, though I do like colour a lot.

I like the Saturday Times' magazine as there's a lot of fashion for your money.  £1.50 for the whole paper compared to £3.90 for 'Woman and Home' and there are three regular witty and informative features: 'This week I'm wearing'  with Laura Craik shows Laura wearing the latest designer gear (above in yellow Michael Kors).  Then there's 'How to Get Dressed' with Hilary Rose who's a bit older and says this about the current trend for florals in this week's edition: 'There is precious little flowery about me.  I'm too noisy to be flowery, and having never worn anything floral in my youth, 40+ seems an odd time to start.  However, there are some fiendishly pretty floral things out there and, if we hold our breath and wish hard enough, it will soon be March, which is practically spring, so florals seem suddenly apt.' Great stuff.

I also really like 'Fashion Sums'  by Prue White (above) which shows you how to get a designer look using purchases from high street stores.  I really liked this week's feature on cobalt blue.  The bottom one on the page is Michael Kors again.   Inspired by this, I wore today one of my cobalt blue items of clothing, a cardigan from Next.

Love the colour which is why I bought it.  Also like the metal buttons.  But hate the way the sleeves are all puffy at the top and so don't wear it much.
 Horrid puffy sleeves spoil Next cobalt blue cardigan
M&S jeggings at £22.50

As today was very much a slob-around-the-house-day it didn't matter. But it's definitely being ejected from the capusle wardrobe as a bit of a mistake.  Still love cobalt blue so I have my eye on some of the great value M&S denim 5 pocket 'jeggings' (awful portmanteau word) in this colour.  At £22.50 they are worth a try, even if skinny type jeans are usually ill advised for hourglass figures like mine.

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