Sunday, 3 February 2013

Choosing bags - Michael Kors or Clarks?

Bought this bag back in June from a Michael Kors outlet shop and love it lots.  Sadly it's not mine but instead was a present for sister's landmark birthday  (She's joined me on the wrong side of fifty.)  I was charged with the responsibility of choosing the bag we'd buy between me and my other three sisters and this was the one I settled on. It's lovely: just big enough to hold everything you need, gorgeous leather and a tan colour which goes with everything.  She's happy.

Since then I've been looking for a similar handbag for myself with a less eye-watering price tag.  Now I'm a one bag per season (winter/summer) person.  Really cannot be bothered to decant all the stuff in my bag more often than once a year. So was quite pleased when I found this one in Clarks with 20% off it just before Christmas making it about £60. It's tan leather, satchel-style, the right size and matches my favourite tan ankle boots nicely. The only thing is that lots of my shoes are black and I am not entirely comfortable wearing a tan bag with black shoes.  I'm sure the  matching bag to shoes rule no longer applies but can't quite shake it off: I have memories of several bags I bought to wear with wedding outfits which were worn only once.  Beth Goodrham at Styleguile  certainly doesn't have this hang up as she posted a photo of a stunning blue bag worn with black boots a couple of days ago.

I suppose I could have stretched to the Michael Kors bag if it hadn't been for my purchase of Fashion Girl's bag of choice for school.  As it's the only item she wears in school that isn't strictly regulated, she puts a lot of effort into selecting her bag.  She'd bought a £10 'satchel' from Primark in September which lasted a week before the strap broke. So bought her this replacement for her birthday.  It's from the Leather Satchel Company and cost more than I want to admit here.  But it is gorgeous. Just worried it will be no longer cool to have a satchel by next September.

And finally just wanted to share with readers another of my 'amusing' fridge magnets.  Picked this up from Sainsbury's.

 I'll forgive them for the blatant sexism I suppose because the message about bringing your own bags to the supermarket is a good one.  Am determined this year to cut right down on my usage of plastic carrier bags.  There's a big pile of the ghastly things in the garage and the council recycling won't take them.  So am refusing bags whenever possible and squeeze as much shopping as I can into my Clark's satchel.

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