Monday, 11 February 2013

Sheltering in Monsoon and Wishing for Spring in Brighton

Half-term and trip down south for us to visit my sister who lives near Brighton. Plans for brisk winter walk on the seafront and exploring shops on the Lanes abandoned because of non-stop heavy rain so went to indoor shopping centre instead - forget its name but usual collection of high street stores.  Fashion Girl diverted briefly by Hollister but more interested in the fragrances than the clothes.  She preferred Republic next door where she spotted her current wish-list item - a shiny black skater skirt.  Overpriced in my opinion at £20, but she's found a similar one on Boohoo for a tenner.

Anyway forget her wish list; it's my turn now. We gave up shopping fairly swiftly.  Both husbands' boredom threshold at the shops reached quickly and everyone hungry.  So headed off in the rain for lunch. There were rivers running down the Lanes at that stage.  Things cheered up when we got to Donatello's .


Great value meal there: pizza/pasta and puddings for 6, a bottle of house red and some extra yummy garlic bread and cheese all for £66. Then we sent brave brother-in-law, armed with brolly, to get the car and pick us up.  While waiting we sheltered, rather appropriately, in Monsoon.

Now I've never had much success with Monsoon.  Like the ethnicky look of the clothes but never actually buy anything.  But did spot this Charlie Blouse in navy silk with a daisy print for £59 and it's on the top of my wish list for my summer wardrobe. Will go with navy wide-legged linen trousers and white cropped ones with ballet pumps.  Longing now for an end to this miserable wet winter and fed up with winter woollies.

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