Thursday, 21 February 2013

Recluttering not decluttering: Kaleidoscopes and Original Art by Joe Simpson

According to the mags and the TV programmes, to sell one's house you declutter and paint everything in neutral colours.  So when we put our house on the market we packed away books and ornaments and kept the decor dull.  Two years later and we're still here.  Market dead in Chester and no one wants our house it seems.

So over half term I rebelled, reclaimed my lounge and rearranged the mantlepiece, putting on display some of my collection of kaleidoscopes. I love kaleidoscopes, starting this collection over 20 years ago when I received this one from my sister in New Zealand as a present.  It's made from Kauri wood and has bits of mother of pearl suspended in liquid in it.  The resulting patterns are muted pastel in colour - a bit faded now but still beautiful.
Kauri Wood Kaleidoscope

Since then I have added to the collection (above) and now have 12 in total. I love the colours, the pattern, the symmetry and even the name kaleidoscope.  And the fact that the pattern changes when you twist the kaleidoscope or the dial.  I suppose my fondness for symmetry explains why I like the geometrical prints in fashion at present.

The picture above the mantlepiece is probably not going to help sell the house either, as it's hardly neutral. It's called 'Beauty in the Breakdown' by Joe Simpson, a young artist we discovered after seeing his work by chance on display in a local gallery. Below is the first one we bought by him which I love as the light is great and it sort of looks like a young version of my husband.

Don't like clutter, but don't want a totally blank home either.  What's that William Morris quotation?   'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful'.  Will go along with that.

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