Thursday, 7 February 2013

Slogan jumpers: Tres cool?

Image 1 of ASOS Chunky Tres Cool Jumper

Rosie Milliard on Daybreak again this morning.  Now I've blogged before about her style as a forty something woman but this time I was unimpressed by her clothing choice, a chunky red acrylic jumper with the slogan Tres Cool.  Complete with accent over the E.  I know it's meant to be ironic but in my view this is a dreadful jumper.  I don't like the franglais, the fact it reminds me of a football shirt and it's just embarrassing for a forty-something woman to be declaring herself  'cool', however ironic her tone.

Tracked it down online at ASOS and disappointed (not) to discover it has sold out.  Had a look at other slogan jumpers available there.  One said 'Sugar High' in large letters and another, in pale pink with a sports car on front, contained a command: 'Go Topless!'. We've come a long way black and white Katherine Hamnett Slogan T-shirts I loved in the 80's.  And not in the right direction.

Fashion Girl also has a thing about slogan T shirts at present, purchasing one from New Look which says NERD.  She already has one that says GEEK.  It's all a bit tongue in cheek to her - she's a bit of a geek in school she says, conscientious and polite to her teachers in school (in total contrast to her conduct at home). She also spotted a LOSER one in Primark at the weekend, but didn't buy it.  What is going on? Is it now cool to be a 'loser'?   Or are kids reclaiming this language from the bullies?   I'm not so sure.  Anyone who has been on the receiving end of this nasty insult, often accompanied by the L-shaped hand gesture with thumb and index finger at a right angle wouldn't want to wear it.

Unlike Rosie Milliard, I'm going to let this particular trend pass me by, though I do quite like the idea of purchasing a Katherine Hamnett vintage T-shirt with RELAX on it.

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