Wednesday, 13 February 2013

S is for ...Studs and Skulls, Sleepovers, Sugar, Snow and Springtime

S is for Sleepovers

Not many photos on the blog recently so got the camera out this morning to record the half term chaos chez nous.  Fashion Girl had sleepover so this is what the lounge looked like this morning.  She then spent the day doing makeovers on her friend, making pop videos on MY ipad and eating too many sweets.  No photos of me today - getting over nasty cold so lounging around in cosy clothes and indulging in a bit of internet shopping.  More of this tomorrow.

Thought I'd record a few of her favourite wardrobe items as a contrast to mine.  Studs seem to feature a lot as in the Next shoes below.  Don't much like these.  But I do like this diamante skull print scarf and may borrow it.  The smiling one is a bit creey though.

S is for skulls. FG's favourite scarf from New Look.

S is for Studs.  Studded slippers from Next.

 These shoes aren't much good in the snow which we had today so we didn't venture out much.  Just a brief trip to the shops where I gave in to the purchase of more sugary stuff to add to the half jar of Nutella which seems to have disappeared this morning.  Back to fruit and Shreddies on Monday.
S is for snow...again.
S is for Sugar.  Far too much of it.

 Soon it will be springtime.  Snowdrops and daffodils appearing bravely in garden.  And weatherman says it'll be warmer tomorrow.

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