Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year

Have joined a new book club and went to the first meeting last week.  The book choice Bad Science wasn't really me at all.  For a start it was non-fiction. And it was about science.  Can only recall one other science book I've ever read (The Language Instinct by Stephen Pinker and that was a bit of a struggle).  But persevered and glad I did.  Ben Goldacre, who writes a column in the Guardian with this title, points out the flawed research methods used to prove the effectiveness of anti-ageing face creams, vitamin pills and alternative therapies such as homeopathy  It was very convincing and surprisingly funny, especially the chapter on Dr Gillian McKeith.  I shouldn't sneer though - there's a copy of  'You Are What You Eat' on my bookshelf and I once resorted to homeopathy when conventional medicine failed to sort out a medical problem.  After reading this I won't be taken in again nor will I bother forking out for Clinique. Will stick to my old favourite Oil of Ulay, which I notice is now called Olay. Presumably to make it more European like the transformation of Opal Fruits into Starburst and Marathon into Snickers.

This month's choice appeals to me a lot more.  I've loved Sue Townsend since the first appearance of Adrian Mole and the title of her latest book, The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year,  is intriguing.  Could have applied to me in the last year as I seemed to spend a lot of time in bed, despite being a bit of an insomniac.  Prone to waking a 3am and then would lie half-asleep for a couple of hours worrying about things or inventing things to worry about.  Then tired the next day so I'd have an early night or, at weekends, a nap in the afternoon. So lots of wasted time in bed.  After watching a recent documentary on sleep problem, I have now cut down the amount of time I spend in bed.  Reckon I only need six hours sleep to function properly.   So now I use the time saved to write this blog instead of lying awake worrying. Anyway looking forward to reading about Sue Townsend's character.

No photos of me today.  Am mostly wearing repeat outfits from the minimalist wardrobe anyway.  Still haven't trained myself to mix and match separates and tend to wear the same tops with the same trousers etc.  My Spanish friend, on the other hand, seems never to wear the same thing twice.  Not quite sure how she manages this as her budget isn't much different to mine.  Here's tomorrow's  plan then for an outfit I haven't worn yet. Might change my mind if it turns cold again though and substitute a polo for the shirt.

Black/White Herringbone pattern jacket form Next
White Shirt, also Next
Marks and Spencer, Slim leg Black Trousers.

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