Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Brassed off with Clearing Clutter

 Clutter clearing in crisis - I'm not a natural at creating order as this fridge magnet given to me cheekily by a more organised relative suggests. Two weeks into term so the ironing board is permanently erected and piles of books, papers etc are scattered around the kitchen.  I'm too easily distracted, you see, and now that the initial enthusiasm has worn off, I'm falling back into bad old habits.  Today instead of clearing up I baked caramel squares (or millionaires' shortbread) for a charity cake sale.  Should have taken a picture but too late now as they have all gone.  Pretty good too even though I singed the shortbread slightly.

But some progress as I have decluttered the cupboard under the sink, the one that contains cleaning fluids, various dusters and dubious cloths.  It also contained about 25 empty jam jars carefully saved because of my intention to make my own jam.  As I child I remember how my granny had jar and jars of jewel-coloured jam -strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and gooseberry -  all made from fruit grown in the garden by Granda as we called him.  I long to recreate this idyll and did a couple of years ago make some strawberry preserve using a Delia recipe.  The house smelt divine, better than any overpriced scented candle, and I was transported back to my childhood in Northern Ireland.  But I only made a couple of jars.  I don't need 25, so I recycled them.

Out also went various bottles of unused, half-empty cleaning fluids.  But found it hard to part with this Brasso, which is practically antique.  Love the retro styling of the container.  It dates from the time I used to polish the brass on my front door, a messy business which wrecks your hands. I did this occasionally to please my mother in law, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Her door furniture was always gleaming and her kitchen immaculate: she even employed someone to clean her wheelie bin.  I fear I was a bit of a disappointment to her as I don't care very much about such things.  So I've kept the Brasso for now in homage to Hilda.

Here I am in my outfit of the day from the capsule wardrobe in front of one of my newly decluttered kitchen cupboards.
Item 9, Boden skirt, Item 25  Next blue long sleeved top, Item 10, M&S cardigan, 31. Gabor Black Patent Shoes.

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